Launch Of Snugbe eShop

Launch Of Snugbe eShop

Snugbe Ltd is a family-owned UK e-tailer which sells "snug living" gifts. On 3rd March 2017, directors Bill and Kate Barbour launched their own eShop to provide customers with a friendlier, more engaging shopping experience  URL:

"We want our eShop to be a refreshing experience for visitors", says Bill Barbour. "We have designed our eShop in a way that will engage, educate, and inspire people to imagine the benefits of snug living." 

Kate Barbour chips in, "We've created an eShop that gives visitors the opportunity to view striking images and videos that will whet their appetites for buying the snug gifts we offer." 
She continues, "It's important for us to build relationships with our visitors and customers. One way of doing this is by helping them imagine what snug living would mean for them."

According to Snugbe's owners, the time for hard-selling is long past. Instead, they believe the time is ripe for sellers to engage, inform, and educate their (potential) buyers in ways that make it easier for them to buy and become long-term customers.

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