Finding The Best Gifts Together!

Finding The Best Gifts Together!

A More Personal Space For Snug Living Gifts

Snugbe Ltd was established in January 2014.  We started selling snug living gifts on and since that we reached thousands of happy customers. In March 2017 we opened our own eStore ( Our goal is to create an online space which is more personal and inspiring than the space on Amazon. (In the physical world, you could compare it with moving from a big department store to a small, cute shop in the corner.)

Adding More Gifts Every Month

Since we started our eStore we have been adding more items every single month. Our goal is to offer you - our dear customer - a wide range of gifts and ideas so we can see which ones you like the most.

The Delivery Time

As our physical storage space is currently limited, so is our range of goods we can keep in stock. Currently, we have 20 different types of gifts in stock. The delivery time of these products is from 2 to 4 days in the UK.

Fortunately, the space on our website isn't limited the same way as our physical storage space. Therefore, we decided to expand our offer of gifts with a special delivery system that doesn't require for us to store the products. The delivery time of these gifts is from 2 to 4 weeks. 

How will you know what delivery time is for your chosen product? When you click on the detailed product page, you can read in bold (before the product description) the estimated delivery time.

 Fast Delivery For New Bestsellers

All the products that become popular sellers and best sellers will be stocked with Snugbe - therefore the delivery time will become 2 - 4 days. This is our way to identify the gifts that Snugbe customers appreciate while constantly searching for new gift designers and manufacturers.

If you have any question, please contact us via email:, or use the Contact Us page.


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